Rain, rain, rain - wasn't it supposed to be summer? With water all around, I remembered nature footsteps, where they collect/ post photos about water each Wednesday. Here's mine. It's from Lanzarote with its black stones and beaches.

Regen, Regen, Regen - sollte nicht eigentlich Sommer sein? Mit Wasser rundherum habe ich mich an nature footsteps erinnert, wo jeden Mittwoch Fotos von Wasser gespostet werden. Hier ist meins - aus Lanzarote mit seinen schwarzen Steinen und Stränden.
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Sueann | 20. Juni 2012 um 11:22

What a beautifully composed photograph! Gorgeous!

Unknown | 20. Juni 2012 um 15:02

a beautiful, serene scene.

Anonym | 20. Juni 2012 um 22:40

It´s the same in Sweden!!! WHERE is the summer????

NatureFootstep | 20. Juni 2012 um 23:05

an unusual photograph. I love your composition in this image. It has that little extra. :)

Katrin Klink | 20. Juni 2012 um 23:16

Thanks for your sweet comments. And if the sommer is not in Sweden, too, where is it? I remember the Bullerbü-books by Astrid Lindgren, and there were endless Swedish sommers!

Dianne | 21. Juni 2012 um 00:50

the smooth water and rough rocks make a wonderful contrast
and the light is beautiful
we are in a heatwave here, nearly 100 degrees F
the power companies cut back to keep from blacking out and we're all a little miserable

Mona Sweden | 21. Juni 2012 um 02:30

Yes, where is the summer??? This looks so wonderful. Love the sea!

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