52 photos project: white (in white)

I wanted to do this shot for some weeks now - my third white-in-white photo - but never took my time for that. So I was more than suprised and excited that Bella choose white as topic for this week in 52 photos project. And here we are. It's just garlic - but isn't it beautiful?
Ich wollte diese Fotos schon seit Wochen machen - mein drittes weiß-in-weiß-Fotp - aber habe es nie geschafft, mir die zeit dafür zu nehmen. Umso angenehmer überrascht war ich dann zu sehen, dass Bella 'weiß' als Thema der Woche für das 52 photos project gewählt hat. Und hier ist es endlich, mein Foto. Es ist einfach Knoblauch - aber ist er nicht wunderschön?

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Sassyangelac | 26. Juli 2012 um 16:51

Mouth is watering! Beautiful lighting!

joyfulwise.com | 26. Juli 2012 um 17:02

Mmm...you know I'm gonna have to make some extra garlicky lasagna tonight now. ;) Great photo!

kat {pipkin hollow} | 26. Juli 2012 um 22:47

Love this photo. So beautiful in its simplicity.

Robin aka Gotham Girl | 27. Juli 2012 um 02:29


Maude May | 27. Juli 2012 um 03:06


Stampmouse | 27. Juli 2012 um 03:22

Oh garlic yummy. Great shot

Linda W. | 27. Juli 2012 um 06:47

Great capture. You exposure is spot-on.

michelle gd | 27. Juli 2012 um 21:55

love this shot of garlic. so beautiful!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA | 28. Juli 2012 um 20:13

I love, love, love garlic, but never thought of using it as a photographic subject. It works! Blessings.

Bella | 29. Juli 2012 um 12:52

Beautiful, and so healthy!
Thanks for linking up again this week.

Mary | 30. Juli 2012 um 08:40


annie | 30. Juli 2012 um 14:19


Teena Lurlene | 30. Juli 2012 um 22:04

This is a favorite! Tissue white..pungent..beyond it's innocent color and size.

Katrin Klink | 31. Juli 2012 um 07:59

Thank you for all your sweet comments. Thanks to all of you and your positive feedback, I'm really into photography right now. This made a big difference in my life, I can tell!

Katie | 31. Juli 2012 um 16:18

Beautiful, indeed!

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