Monday Macro

OK, it's more a close-up than a macro, but browsing through my photos from France, this was the one who told a complete story. The line on the bottom, Merci à bientôt, means: bye for now. You can tell that the summer already begins to fade, can't you?
Zugegeben, das ist mehr eine Nahaufnahme als ein reines Makro, aber als ich meine Frankreichfotos angeschaut habe, war es dieses, das quasi eine ganze Geschichte erzählt. Die Zeile unten, Merci à bientôt, bedeutet: bis bald.Man kann schon fühlen, wie der Sommer langsam verschwindet, oder?

Here you'll find more beautiful macro photos - don't miss them!
Hier sind die Links zu noch viel mehr wundervollen Macro-Fotos - verpasst sie nicht!

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4 Kommentare:

Lori P | 14. August 2012 um 00:37

I really like this!

And I don't think the macro police are going to get you - after all they'd pretty much have to take most of the participants in for questioning, including myself. :)

Thanks for joining in the fun.

Paula | 14. August 2012 um 02:05

A fun shot!

Faye | 14. August 2012 um 06:23

Ah! Good to the last drop and a nice memory of your travels. I like to save tickets like this and the special decorative bags and wraps where you purchase something in another country. In fact, your photo give me an idea for a further Macro Monday! :-)

Unknown | 14. August 2012 um 06:52

I'm not ready for fall yet, but there is certainly fall in the air.

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