Orange Monday

I'm experimenting a bit with light these days (one of the big secrets of good photography, as I believe), so today I arranged orange still lifes just for fun. I'm never sure whether I like textures in photos, but for these still lifes I used a very delicate texture for the background.
Ich experimentiere zur Zeit ein bißchen mit Licht (eines der großen Geheimnisse guter Fotografie, glaube ich), deshalb habe ich heute nur so zum Spass orangefarbene Stillleben aufgebaut. Ich bin mir nie sicher, ob ich Fotos mit Texturen mag, aber hier für die Stillleben habe ich ganz zart Texturen in den Hintergrund gelegt.

And here are more orange pictures, have a look/ und hier gibts noch mehr orangefarbene Bilder zu sehen:

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6 Kommentare:

Robin aka Gotham Girl | 10. September 2012 um 23:19

So fun!

Deborah | 11. September 2012 um 02:12

fabulous, fantastic photography!

Anonym | 11. September 2012 um 08:30

Wow, the colors, you must have had fun composing the picture.

lorik | 11. September 2012 um 08:35

I love these to bits! And I really like the way you have arranges "the bits"! Such an interesting combination of objects - with the little surprise on the top. The colour is gorgeous, the composition so good and the image is so clear. Thank you for sharing this work on Mandarin Orange Monday.

Monica | 11. September 2012 um 10:43

This is very good! Fantastic colors and arrangement! My favorite is the second photo,- love the composition!
Have a nice day:)

Katrin | 12. September 2012 um 18:27

Thanks! It was so much fun to pile up all those things. Just gravity and balance, no glue or threads. And it really helped to discover the many shades of a single color. The next color I'll try will be violet ...

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