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The Rhine here in Cologne still is in full spate. Anna and I took a walk along the waterside yesterday, and I found some driftwood and other things the water had washed ashore; f. e. this  float (or whatever this might be) ...
Der Rhein hier in Köln hat immernoch Hochwasser. Anna und ich sind gestern am Ufer entlanggelaufen und haben Treibholz und andere Dinge gefunden, die das Wasser angespült hatte; z. B. diesen Schwimmer (oder was auch immer es ist) ...


Much more amazing pictures from the beautiful macro world you'll find here -
mehr Bilder aus der wunderschönen Macrowelt gibt es hier:

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6 Kommentare:

Susan | 11. Februar 2013 um 17:11

A wonderful found object. Thanks for sharing.

Anonym | 11. Februar 2013 um 17:32

Das erste Foto ist wunderschön! Wie die Sonne da so hinter her blitzt… <3

Grüße, Midsommarflicka | 11. Februar 2013 um 18:55

Schoen ....wie immer!

Tina´s PicStory | 11. Februar 2013 um 19:14

sieht aus wie ne bombe ;)

Faye | 12. Februar 2013 um 02:46

Your thumbnail signup really made me want to see your macro selection for today. Still a mystery, but how well you've photographed this found object. And now you have a memento of a nice walk along the water. I use a rock from the Tasmin Sea beach in New Zealand for a paperweight for that same reason.

Anonym | 14. Februar 2013 um 18:30

I love doing the exact same thing...picking up little objects and collecting them...easy, free and such wonderful reminders of our experiences. Wonderful macro captures. Especially love the very first one!

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