Travel log: Château d'Oiron, part 2

The Château d'Oiron is not only a beautiful castle, but an amazing museum, too. One of my favourite art works was this room with an installation from Ian Hamilton Finlay, "The Battle of Midway". Finlay's 'beehives' represent the aircraft carriers, and you'll hear bee's buzzing around, representing soldiers; without their (war) pictures on the wall, you might see just a nice, peaceful ambience. Finlay was a short-story writer and poet, and this mixture of warfare and rosebushes is more than poetic and touching. Come on in!
Das Château d'Oiron ist nicht nur ein wundervolles Schloss, sondern auch ein ganz besonderes Museum. Eine meiner Lieblingsarbeiten war der Raum mit einer Installation von Ian Hamilton Finlay, "Die Schlacht von Midway". Finlays 'Bienenstöcke' repräsentieren die Flugzeugträger, und man hört Bienen herumsummen, die Soldaten repräsentieren. Ohne die (Kriegs)Bilder an der Wand würde man nur eine nette, friedliche Szene sehen. Finlay hat Kurzgeschichten geschrieben und war ein Poet, und diese Mischung aus Krieg und Rosenstöcken ist mehr als poetisch und berührend. Kommt mit herein!

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8 Kommentare:

Unknown | 20. August 2013 um 13:28

Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Anonym | 20. August 2013 um 15:41

Wonderful shots of those 'eggs' or beehives.

Jill Harrison | 20. August 2013 um 17:08

an interesting and intriguing combination for the display. But oh I love the room - I wish it were in my house! Have a great week, and thank you for stopping by my blog today.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) | 20. August 2013 um 20:21

What a very interesting art really tells a story. I love the simplicity and beauty...

Anonym | 21. August 2013 um 02:00

So so very cool...

Hazel | 21. August 2013 um 04:09

A castle and a museum. It's been awhile since I visited such beautiful places. I'll be very happy to be in one again. I enjoyed the virtual tour. Your photos are my kind of shots. Love them!


Joyful | 21. August 2013 um 10:42

Beautiful setting for the installation and beautiful photos too!

Molly | 23. August 2013 um 03:42

Thanks for sharing... really interesting artwork


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