52 photos project: shadows

Bella's 52 photos project topic for this week is 'shadows'. This topic has got so many aspects, I couldn't decide for only one picture today . The one above is a skeleton of a leaf. Delicate and aetheric, nearly not from this world, and by itself merely the shadow of what the leaf once had been. But the picture below shows the opposite aspect of shadow. The shadows seem to literally shape and create form out of the stone.
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Das Thema von Bellas 52 photos project für diese Woche ist 'Schatten'. Das Thema hat so viele Facetten, ich konnte mich heute nicht für ein einzelnes Foto entscheiden. Das Foto oben zeigt ein Blattskelett: zart und aetherisch, fast nicht von dieser Welt und selbst nur noch ein Schatten dessen, was das Blatt einmal gewesen war. Aber das untere Foto zeigt den entgegengesetzten Aspekt von Schatten: Er scheint buchstäblich Form aus dem Stein heraus zu gestalten und zu kreieren.
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11 Kommentare:

Anonym | 13. Juni 2012 um 18:06

Love the leaf skeleton!!!

Anonym | 13. Juni 2012 um 19:05

The leaf skeleton is amazing and artsy, but I love the statue. It almost seems to be crying, with the shadows and the stone discolorations. Great shot!

Sassyangelac | 13. Juni 2012 um 21:02

I love the "shadow" of the Buddha's tears.

mandy l. smith | 14. Juni 2012 um 00:21

Beautiful shadows!

Laura lok | 14. Juni 2012 um 05:30

The head really intrigued me

annie | 14. Juni 2012 um 05:59

I really like the stone statue!

Cheryl | 14. Juni 2012 um 06:39

Did you find the leaf skeleton in real life? That's amazing that it froze in time. Love Buddha.

Katrin Klink | 14. Juni 2012 um 07:34

Hi everybody,
thanks for all your sweet comments. Since I always have a look at the work of the other participant's very professional photos, I'm more than happy with your positive feedback about mine.

Cheryl, yes, I found the leaf skeleton when I moved into my new flat a few months ago. It was stuck in a hidden angle between the exterior wall and a skirting-board.

Unknown | 14. Juni 2012 um 14:01

for a moment i thought it was a butterfly... gorgeous. and i like your appreciation of what shadows can do....

Linda W. | 15. Juni 2012 um 04:36

I really like the shadows on Buddha's face.

Bella Cirovic | 17. Juni 2012 um 15:42

Such a lovely take on shadows.
Thank you for linking up this week :)

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