back to rain

Not really back to black, but hearing that the next week will be cloudy and rainy, too, doesn't make things much better. So, a rainy sunday again, and the best one can do is spending a nice day at home, pottering around. I finished two of the flowernecklaces I started to crochet yesterday. One of them will be a giveaway in the beginning of July. I'll have a celebration week - stay tuned.
Plus, my son cooked my favourit Indish dish for me - including Naan. Happy, delicious moments, despite of the rain!
Es regnet wieder, und dass für die ganze nächste Woche Wolken und Regen angesagt sind, macht die Sache auch nicht lustiger. Also wieder ein verregneter Sonntag, und das beste, was man da tun kann, ist zuhause herumzuwerkeln. Ich habe zwei der Blumenhalsbänder fertiggemacht, die ich gestern zu häkeln begonnen habe. Eines davon wird ab Anfang Juli ein Giveaway sein, ich werde eine Feierwoche haben.
Und mein Sohn hat mein indisches Lieblingsessen für mich gekocht, einschließlich Naan. Glückliche, leckere Augenblicke - trotz Regens.
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Jessica Brogan | 24. Juni 2012 um 20:44

Hi there :). Thank you for coming over to my blog. I just saw how cheerful yours is, immediately felt brightened by seeing it. Thank you!

I don't think I've been to Cologne. I went through Colmar just for an afternoon. Ironically, my family is mostly german heritage, my husband's family is mostly german heritage (though he is Swiss and his immediate ancestors are too)...I have BARELY visited German. I know that will change someday!!

all the best from Texas :) Jessica

Linda W. | 25. Juni 2012 um 06:27

Your necklaces are beautiful! Yes, it was a rainy day here today too, and I passed up hiking to get some things done around my home.

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