Orange Monday

I was browsing through my black and white pictures and found this one. I hope it's enough orange for orange monday ...
Ich habe meine schwarz-weiss-Bilder durchgesucht und dieses hier gefunden. Ich hoffe, es ist orange genug für den orange monday ...

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7 Kommentare:

Kaylene | 27. August 2012 um 15:21

Looks okay to me, a great shot.

Chubskulit Rose | 27. August 2012 um 15:35

Literally!, love that!

Visiting from Mandarin Orange Monday.

My Orange entry
Have a great day!

Birgitta | 27. August 2012 um 16:01

Cool shot! Love it!

lorik | 28. August 2012 um 01:15

What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that??:)) Perfect for Mandarin Orange Monday! Thank you for joining in on the challenge.

Danielle | 28. August 2012 um 02:22

Oh I love the simplicity of this photo. Very nice.

FM | 28. August 2012 um 16:07

Perfect entry for MOM!

I played too. Mine is here.

Katrin Klink | 28. August 2012 um 20:06

Thanks for you positive feedback! I shot it in France, in Saumur. I love those houses, it's nearly impossible not to take a beautiful picture.

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