52 photos project: Withering beauty

Withering beauty is this week's (wonderful) topic. These days, I find a lot of beauty in old, a bit ragged things like books, feathers and seeds.
Verblühende Schönheit ist das (wunderbare) Thema dieser Woche. Ich finde es zur Zeit leicht, Schönheit in alten, etwas verkrumpelten Dingen wie Büchern, Federn und Samen zu entdecken ...

Check out all the other beautiful pictures - schaut Euch auch die anderen Fotos an:

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7 Kommentare:

Anonym | 26. September 2012 um 19:45

Oh how I love these! I'll have to look for withering beauties in Antwerp as I leave this afternoon!

GalleryJuana | 27. September 2012 um 01:28

These are rich in texture and color. Splendid!

Anonym | 27. September 2012 um 05:01

lovely photos

juana georgia gürtler. | 27. September 2012 um 08:58

wunderbar herbstliche farben!!

michelle gd | 27. September 2012 um 22:17

lovely. these images feel very peaceful...

Bella Cirovic | 30. September 2012 um 15:08

These are such lovely photos that capture the theme perfectly.
Thank you for linking them up!

Deborah | 1. Oktober 2012 um 02:06

such beautiful photos
and so representational of 'withering beauty'

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