Life isn't that sweet these days. My mother has got Alzheimer's, and we have to find a solution for her, because she's not able to live alone any longer. We haven't been that close, but it's a painful experience to see her drifting away, each day a bit more.
But life is sweet, too. Yesterday, I received those sweets, and when I came into my kitchen a few minutes ago, I saw them bathed in sunlight ... life is both, and always will be.
Das Leben ist zur Zeit nicht besonders lustig. Meine Mutter hat Alzheimer, und wir müssen eine Lösung für sie finden, weil sie nicht länger in der Lage ist, alleine zu leben. Wir stehen uns nicht so sehr nahe, aber es ist eine schmerzvolle Erfahrung, zusehen zu müssen, wie sie jeden Tag ein Stück weiter wegdriftet.
Aber das Leben hat auch süße Seiten. Ich habe gestern diese Süßigkeiten geschenkt bekommen, und als ich vor ein paar Minuten in die Küche kam, habe ich sie so in Sonnenlicht getaucht vorgefunden ... das Leben ist immer beides, und so wird es immer sein.

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Anonym | 10. Oktober 2012 um 17:59

Oh Katrin, how I so understand! It so saddens me when my daddy no longer remembers people and things. So far with my daily skypes he still remembers me and I'm so thankful for that. Please feel a big virtual hug from me! I so loved Belgium and the Netherlands. Just returned home with so much to do with thousands of photographs, ha! Your photos reminded me of the fabulous candies from Belgium. Perhaps next trip we can connect or if you get to the states! Also I wanted to tell you that my b&w photo of my dad that you like was just chosen for an exhibit in Brooklyn! So it looks like it has resonated with others too. Thank you.

Andrea | 11. Oktober 2012 um 11:22

I am sorry about your mother, how old is she! I can understand yours and her situation. We were joking yesterday of a friend's mom who was asking whose feet are those in front of her. Apparently, the feet are her own. She was 86 then! But life is really like that, we cannot select our own. At least my mother is still just a bit forgetful at 82, but no Alzheimers!

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