Evening hours in China

And 2 minutes from 'Africa', the China themed hotel. It's a large complex, and inside and outside they created a little Chinese world. It's really beautiful and full of original things. I'm sorry, but I have to post lots of pictures ...
The funny thing is (and this is how I came to know this place): many years ago, I had a business meeting there. The business turned out to be not the best thing that happened to me, but I found this wonderful place. Not the worst deal.
Und zwei Minuten von 'Afrika' entfernt liegt das China-Hotel. Es ist ein großer Komplex, und sie haben innen wie außen eine kleine chinesische Welt erschaffen. Es ist wirklich wunderschön gemacht und voller Original-Dinge. Tut mir leid, aber ich muss eine Menge Fotos posten ...
Das Lustige ist (und so habe ich diesen Ort kennengelernt): Ich hatte dort vor vielen Jahren ein Business-Meeting. Das Business war dann nicht unbedingt das Beste, was mir geschehen konnte, aber ich habe dafür diesen wundervollen Ort entdeckt. Nicht der schlechteste Deal.

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6 Kommentare:

Francisca | 23. Oktober 2012 um 10:10

Wish I could find more hotels this nice looking in China itself. I've traveled the country up and down and sideways since 1985, and most hotel architecture (yes, a few exceptions) really sucks. Good photo series.

Rajesh | 23. Oktober 2012 um 15:36

Beautiful complex, very artistic.

Marleen | 23. Oktober 2012 um 19:38

Wow, I love these photo's. Thanks for telling your story!

Anonym | 23. Oktober 2012 um 20:28

I like to find the good even in not so good situations and I'm glad you do too! Don't apologize for posting too many photos! I enjoy seeing all of your work! Love this series and especially photo #5!

Katrin | 23. Oktober 2012 um 20:48

Dear Robin,
#5 is my favourite one, too. I was so happy with the light and the soft shadows.And thank you all for your sweet comments and your feedback.

Jay at The Depp Effect | 24. Oktober 2012 um 00:15

Wow, do you mean to say this is NOT China? You could have fooled me!!

Some beautiful photos here. I love the detail shots, like the little baskety thing in the water, and the bird cages. And the wheelbarrow is exquisite!

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