52 photos project: sky

"All my bags are packed I'm ready to go", heading south for the weekend, which I will spend in closed seminar rooms. Therefore, Bellas 52 photos project topic 'sky' is perfect. This is a picture I took in Basel, Switzerland. Since the part with packed baggage is not true, I have to leave now ...
Ich fahre Richtung Süden übers Wochenende, das ich in geschlossenen Seninarräumen verbringen werde. Deshalb ist Bellas Thema für das 52 photos project perfekt. Das Foto habe ich in Basel gemacht. Und jetzt muss ich ganz dringend packen gehen ...

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8 Kommentare:

Judith | 30. November 2012 um 16:10

Beautiful sky Katrin! Enjoy your weekend...Judith, Texas

Linda W. | 30. November 2012 um 17:32

What beautiful blue sky and clouds. And I love the gargoyle!

GalleryJuana | 30. November 2012 um 17:40

I think the clouds are about to get eaten in that photo. Cool angle!

Anonym | 30. November 2012 um 17:49

Love this! Perfect for the 52 Photos project. Have safe travels and enjoy!

Anonym | 30. November 2012 um 18:16

Viel Spass- und tolles Foto!

Anonym | 30. November 2012 um 19:55

Enjoy your trip! I love the way you photographed the sky with that bit of statuary in it.

Frau S. | 1. Dezember 2012 um 19:38

Sehr schönes Foto und ich mag Gargoyles sehr, sehr gerne.

Bella Cirovic | 5. Dezember 2012 um 12:32

Enjoy your trip! Lovely selection this week :)

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