Back home again

I'm happy to be back home again. My mother lives now in a beautiful new home, in the middle of the historic district of Ravensburg, surrounded by a lot of nice people. Lots of things to be sad about, but even more things to be grateful. So let me introduce you to one of the most beautiful cities around the Lake Constance!
Ich bin sehr froh, wieder zuhause zu sein. Meine Mutter lebt jetzt in einer wunderschönen neuen Wohnung, mitten in der Altstadt von Ravensburg und umgeben von jeder Menge sehr netter Menschen. Es gibt eine Menge Dinge, über die man traurig sein könnte, aber noch mehr um dankbar zu sein. Lasst mich Euch also ein bißchen von einer der schönsten Städte am Bodensee zeigen ...

I wish this story would continue with "and she lived happily ever after ..."

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3 Kommentare: | 11. Februar 2013 um 09:15


Bella Cirovic | 14. Februar 2013 um 11:56

A gorgeous view of the city.
Your mama was a beauty in her young days!!
She is safe, and your are a wonderful daughter.

Anonym | 14. Februar 2013 um 18:31

I'll be following in your footsteps one day...I know it will be so hard, but you are giving me the courage...thank you.

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