Monday morning macro: childhood memories

A few weeks ago I was in Ravensburg and visited 'Cafe glücklich'. They had large glasses full of my favourite childhood sweets, and I couldn't resist to buy some lollies. Doesn't the figures fit perfectly to Halloween week?
Vor ein paar Wochen war ich in Ravensburg und u. a. im 'Café glücklich'. Sie hatten große Gläser voll mit den Lieblingssüßigkeiten aus meiner Kindheit. Ich konnte nicht widerstehen und habe diese Lutscher gekauft. Passen sie mit diesen Figuren nicht perfekt in die Halloween-Woche?

 Much more amazing pictures from the beautiful macro world you'll find here -
mehr Bilder aus der wunderschönen Macrowelt gibt es hier:

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Stewart M | 28. Oktober 2013 um 10:32

They look like the kind of sweets I remember!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Forest Dream Weaver | 28. Oktober 2013 um 11:20

Fabulous colours........ luscious textures!

Happy Monday,
Ruby - Starry Universe

Birgitta | 28. Oktober 2013 um 12:12

Excellent macros! | 28. Oktober 2013 um 14:01

An die Lollies erinnere ich mich auch…tödlich! Schöne Photos.

Anonym | 28. Oktober 2013 um 15:09

Perfect for macro! Love the colors!

molly | 28. Oktober 2013 um 15:13

Brilliant macro shots, love the colours and the shine.


Unknown | 28. Oktober 2013 um 18:04

They look delicious. The colours are very pretty.

Linda W. | 28. Oktober 2013 um 19:57

Nice macro shots of the pretty candy!

Laura | 28. Oktober 2013 um 22:00

A few summers ago we were on vacation with the extended family. We took the kids into a candy store that has the longest candy counter in the United States... my sister and brother had such a wonderful time finding the penny candies in jars that we loved as children and sharing them with our kids. Beautiful photos Katrin! Thanks for sharing the love and your joy up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

Susie Clevenger | 29. Oktober 2013 um 00:11

Love the brings back childhood memories of standing in front of the candy counter wishing I could take home all the candy

betty-NZ | 29. Oktober 2013 um 01:13

Those are new to me but I'm sure they bring many great memories for you. Lovely shots.

Hannah | 29. Oktober 2013 um 12:42

Beautiful handmade-looking candy, with the special stripes.

Annette P.-L. | 29. Oktober 2013 um 15:14

Brilliant photo of these candy! Great job!

namaki | 30. Oktober 2013 um 16:53

They make my mouth water !

Astridka | 4. November 2013 um 12:54

Ich hab das Foto gesehen und sofort den Geschmack im Mund gehabt! Der war so anders, den habe ich nie mehr wiedergefunden.
Danke für den Impuls!

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