Monday morning macro

Close-ups of the Polaroid camera I have my son for Christmas. ~ Close-ups von der Polaroid-Kamera, die ich meinem Sohn zu Weihnachten geschenkt habe.

Much more amazing pictures from the beautiful macro world you'll find here -
mehr Bilder aus der wunderschönen Macrowelt gibt es hier:

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6 Kommentare:

Susie Clevenger | 17. Februar 2014 um 21:07

Love it...old cameras are such pieces of art

molly | 17. Februar 2014 um 21:11

brilliant images, love the detail


LindyLouMac | 18. Februar 2014 um 10:53

Calling by from Macro Monday, what an interesting old camera.

Anonym | 18. Februar 2014 um 16:20

What a lucky guy!! Ditto on the above comments...there is nothing like old cameras! You always show the most interesting angles!

Villrose | 18. Februar 2014 um 18:10

Nice study of a camera treasure....

Lee Ann L. | 19. Februar 2014 um 03:37

Cool camera! It's a vintage/antique, correct? Love them.

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