Early Sunday morning

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Astridka | 6. April 2014 um 15:45

Schöne Aufnahmen ( Weißenburgstraße? )

Anonym | 6. April 2014 um 16:15

All of these are so filled with fantasy! Every ONE of them! I've enjoyed catching up on your postings...especially your Friday food and especially what you made at Ellen's studio. There's so many details here that I could just study for a long time. Oh, and one day when I make it to your city...I so want to explore the Ehrenfeld neighborhood! xo

Unknown | 6. April 2014 um 22:32

Wow, the early bird is the winner of this sunday morning.

chai-and-chardonnay.blogspot.com | 8. April 2014 um 08:41

Osterhasen im Morgengrauen....so soll es sein.Schone vertraeumte Bilder....

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