Artist's studio: Peter Gaymann

Impressions from Peters studio. Peter is one of Germany's most famous cartoonists, and I visited him today to talk about the relaunch of his website. His site was the second website I ever created, more than 16 years ago. It developed over the time, but now it needs (and deserves) a relaunch and new features. And he has so many projects, and books, and exhibitions, I can't wait to show that on the new website. There will be a blog and lots of new things, and lots of pictures that will show more of the work process - and of his studio, too!

Plus, one of my favourite cafes is just across the road of his studio: it's called 'kingdom of heaven'. Their Chai Latte is one the best I ever had. Today I learned that they offer Chai Latte Power, too - I will give it a try the next time I'll be there.
Happy weekend, everybody!

Eindrücke aus Peters Atelier. Peter ist einer der bekanntesten Cartoonisten Deutschlands, und ich war heute bei ihm, um den Relaunch seiner Webseite zu besprechen. Seine Webseite war die zweite, die ich je gemacht habe (vor 16 Jahren). Peter hat so viele Projekte, Ausstellungen und Bücher, ich kann es kaum abwarten, das demnächst alles im neuen Blog zu zeigen!

Und eines meiner Lieblingscafés liegt direkt gegenüber von Peters Atelier: Café Himmelreich, mit einem der absolut besten Chai Lattes, die es überhaupt gibt.
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