52 photos project: light in the darkness

I love being visibly connected with other creative persons. This is one of the many reasons why I love the 52 photos project. Topic of this week is 'light in the dark'. I choose a picture of a glass with water which I shot last year in France. 
Ich liebe die Vorstellung, sichtbar mit anderen kreativen Menschen verbunden zu sein. Das ist einer der vielen Gründe, warum ich das 52 Foto-Projekt liebe. Das Thema dieser Woche ist 'Licht in der Dunkelheit'. Ich habe das Foto eines Wasserglases ausgewählt, das ich letztes Jahr in Frankreich gemacht habe.

Water always brings that extra sparkle ... Wasser bringt immer nochmal das gewisse besndere Funkeln ...
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Sassyangelac | 30. Mai 2012 um 13:19

Simple and beautiful.

michelle gd | 30. Mai 2012 um 13:20

lovely light, shadows, reflections.
...and like you, i love the connection with other creatives... ;)

Alexa | 30. Mai 2012 um 14:05

It almost looks like you ordered a glass of light!

Anonym | 30. Mai 2012 um 14:09

Hi Katrin
Cool how the light through the glass "warms" up the table ...
thanks for dropping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment...appreciated :-) Mo

Debbie | 30. Mai 2012 um 14:34


annie | 30. Mai 2012 um 15:40

Love the way light sparkles!

Katrin Klink | 30. Mai 2012 um 18:23

Thank you! These were the sweetest possible comments. I forgot about this picture until Bella choose this wonderful topic for this week. I didn't do anything except from catching a small, beautiful moment life sent me the very day.

carol l mckenna | 30. Mai 2012 um 18:45

Very lovely photo ~ well done ~ ^_^

Laura lok | 31. Mai 2012 um 01:02

good perspective

Deborah | 1. Juni 2012 um 16:42

great photo!
great interpretation!~

Janet | 5. Juni 2012 um 23:13

Love this photo! perfect for light in the darkness, I think!

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