Monday morning macro

Much more amazing pictures from the beautiful macro world you'll find here -
mehr Bilder aus der wunderschönen Macrowelt gibt es hier:

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5 Kommentare: | 8. April 2013 um 18:51

Mag Lukas! Fokus hast du super hinbekommen!

Carletta | 8. April 2013 um 20:42

Makes me want to get out my art journaling supplies. :)

Anonym | 8. April 2013 um 22:35

Oh, ein gar wunderbares Foto!

Lieben Gruß, Midsommarflicka

Anonym | 9. April 2013 um 00:35

I just tried out a few macro lenses today! I so want one! So I'm hoping one is in my future. Then perhaps I can join in the Monday Macro! :)

Unknown | 9. April 2013 um 00:37

I really want a macro lens....I did try flipping my 55mm lens around....not bad...I posted it on my blog somewhere... :) it made me a bit dizzy. Beautiful shot Katrin.

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