52 photos project: down below

This week's topic is easy. The day before yesterday I stood on the 1st floor, looking down on the Gare du Nord in Paris. Already dreaming about the next journey ...
Das Thema dieser Woche (untenherum) ist einfach,. Vorgestern habe ich noch vom ersten Stock auf den Gare du Nord in Paris heruntergeschaut. Ich träume schon wieder von der nächsten Reise ...

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9 Kommentare:

Anonym | 27. Juli 2013 um 19:00

These are great! Best be dreaming about a NYC journey! Ha!

Susie Clevenger | 27. Juli 2013 um 21:14

Great shots! I really like the fifth one!!

Sherri Cassell | 27. Juli 2013 um 21:50

What great photos, I love your compositions. Another place I would like to visit some day!

chai-and-chardonnay.blogspot.com | 27. Juli 2013 um 23:42

Bahnhoefe, Flugplaetze, Sehnsuchtsorte! Das letzte Foto gefaellt mir besonders!

robin. | 28. Juli 2013 um 18:39

great series of below shots!!!

Linda W. | 28. Juli 2013 um 23:35

I like the travel theme in your shots. Makes me want to go somewhere. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonym | 29. Juli 2013 um 22:09

Oh my! These are so beautiful. I'm totally jealous that you're in Paris. Great captures

Prairie Jill | 31. Juli 2013 um 04:55

Great shots!! I took the Eurostar from Paris to London a few years ago - this brings back some wonderful memories!

Bella Cirovic | 31. Juli 2013 um 18:44

Excellent perspective, Katrin! Love these. Thank you for sharing.

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