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I visited Ellen's studio last week, and she's had a new serie in her showroom: tiny houses on stilts. She had made these objects for an outdoor exhibition, but I loved the idea of small houses inside of a house.
Letzte Woche war ich in Ellens Atelier, und sie hatte eine neue Serie ausgestellt: winzige Häuser auf Stelzen. Sie hatte die Objekte für eine Outdoor-Ausstellung gemacht, aber ich fand es perfekt, kleine Häuser inmitten eines Hauses zu sehen.

 Much more amazing pictures from the beautiful macro world you'll find here -
mehr Bilder aus der wunderschönen Macrowelt gibt es hier:

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Gemma Wiseman | 11. November 2013 um 09:22

These tiny houses on stilts are so intriguing. What a creative idea. | 11. November 2013 um 11:50

Diese langen Spinnenbeine sind faszinierend… schöne Fotos!

molly | 11. November 2013 um 19:40

These are so cool. Is this some sort of exhibition?


Katrin | 11. November 2013 um 19:57

No, it's just a part of Ellen's beautiful and inspiring workspace.

Laura | 11. November 2013 um 21:01

These are amazing, such wonderful craftsmanship! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-) If you haven't already, I do hope you'll send me something for the gratitude quilt this year. The quilt is growing so it is getting harder to keep track as I am using first names only for the quilt. No actual quilting involved… just words of gratitude from your heart, in your native language is fine.

Gotham Girl | 11. November 2013 um 22:02

So cool! I love that you find so many amazing artists and their work places and share them with us!

Gunilla Bäck | 12. November 2013 um 20:03

These are fun! My husband builds similar houses for his model railway.

aspiritofsimplicity | 12. November 2013 um 22:10

those are splendid

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