Travel log: Ulm, part II

Autumnal impressions of one of my favourite cities: early Sunday morning in Ulm. Still feels a bit like home, after all those years.
Fürher Sonntagmorgen: Herbstimpressionen aus einer meiner Lieblingsstädte. Ulm fühlt sich auch nach all diesen Jahren immer noch ein bißchen wie zuhause an.

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6 Kommentare:

Photo Cache | 20. Oktober 2015 um 19:05

What a charming beautiful city. Where is this? The architecture is incredible and the atmosphere is dreamy.

Jim | 20. Oktober 2015 um 22:58


Gunilla Bäck | 21. Oktober 2015 um 09:47

Wonderful! I love the houses. Enjoy your day!

Maria | 21. Oktober 2015 um 11:52

Hi Katrin, you got me reading up about Ulm with these lovely photos! Thanks for sharing.

Katrin | 21. Oktober 2015 um 19:28

Ulm is about 1 1/2 hours from Munich, in the south of Germany. This is part of the 'Fischerviertel' (fishermen's quarter), the historical center, with lots of timbered houses and a small creek. But Ulm has very modern - and beautiful - buildings, too. A very interesting mixture of old and new - definitely worth a visit!

Anonym | 21. Oktober 2015 um 22:50

Love Ulm! Thanks for sharing!

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