Our world tuesday: Japanese Garden

Since about 6 weeks, my son lives in Japan, and I was waiting for pictures which didn't come. (And will not come; I learned that photos are soo last century). So I had to take Japanese pictures all by myself: last Sunday in the Japanese Garden near Leverkusen. An absolute beautiful place!
Seit sechs Wochen lebt mein Sohn in Japan, und ich habe vergeblich auf Fotos von dort gewartet (sie werden auch nicht kommen; anscheinend sind Fotos sowas von nicht mehr zeitgemäß). Also musste ich selbst japanische Fotos machen: am letzten Sonntag im Japanischen Garten bei Leverkusen. Ein wunderschöner Ort!
More beautiful and magical places you'll find at ourworldtuesday!
Mehr wunderbare und magische Orte gibt es bei ourworldtuesday!
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My name is Riet | 4. September 2012 um 17:26

Wow, that certainly is a beautiful garden, good you have been there and not waited for the photo's.

Grinsebacke | 4. September 2012 um 17:43

Ohhh, da war ich selber schon so oft (komme aus Leverkusen ;)) und finde es immer wieder wunderschön dort! :)

Liebe Grüße

Rajesh | 4. September 2012 um 18:24

Beautiful and colorful garden with such nice sculptures.

Unknown | 4. September 2012 um 18:28

wow how beautiful!!

LindyLouMac | 4. September 2012 um 18:51

Calling by from Our World Tuesday, what a lovely series of photos this is from your part of the world.

Anonym | 4. September 2012 um 20:45

These are beautiful! Really love the second one with the reflections!

Powell River Books | 4. September 2012 um 21:20

Very tranquil. - Margy

joy | 6. September 2012 um 11:38

a place worth visiting:)

Joyful | 6. September 2012 um 22:10

Fantastic! I love Japanese gardens. They are always so peaceful.

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