Travel log: Frankfurt main station

I had to give a training over the weekend, and had an unexpected and very unwelcome stopover at Frankfurt main station. But then, the evening light has reconciled me with the situation ...
Ich musste am Wochenende eine Schulung geben und hatte dann noch einen unerwarteten und sehr unwillkommenen Aufenthalt am Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof. Aber das Abendlicht hat mich dann doch wieder damit versöhnt ...

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7 Kommentare:

Anonym | 30. September 2014 um 09:40

Wonderful shots of the station.

nico | 30. September 2014 um 11:59


Catherine | 30. September 2014 um 12:20

Oh my! I just love how you've captured Frankfurt main station Katrin! Feels like I'm there with the mix of photos and videos... and the silhouettes and angles and light are just magic. Thank you for the inspiration... makes me want to head over to Gare St. Lazare :)

Katrin | 30. September 2014 um 12:34

Catherine, I'd love to see your Gare St Lazare pictures! Your photos are always an inspiration ...

Linda W. | 30. September 2014 um 16:32

You made good use of the unexpected layover! Nice photos.

Gattina | 30. September 2014 um 18:44

That's very interesting for me ! The Frankfurter Bahnhof is the only place I know of Frankfort, although I was born there. My parents used to put me on a train in Bonn and I travelled all alone when I was 8 to Frankfurt, where my Grandpa picked me up at this station. I can remember this huge hall !

Anonym | 30. September 2014 um 18:52

So enjoy the mixture! Very cool. Isn't it wonderful when a not so fun event provides such wonderful light opportunity so you can just play! Thank you!

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