Travel log: Paris at night

I just read that I wouldn't be allowed to post a picture of the Eiffel Tower at night because somebody has got all rights on that. Strange world. But Paris is lovely everywhere - this is the neighbourhood of Sacré-Cœur.
Ich habe gerade gehört, dass man keine Fotos vom Eiffelturm bei Nacht posten darf, da sich irgendjemand daran die Rechte gesichert hat. Seltsame Welt. Aber Paris ist überall wunderschön - hier die Gegend rund um

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Astrid Ka | 22. September 2015 um 08:44

Die sind dir ja toll gelungen, die Aufnahmen! Vor allem das erste ist sehr anregend..

you-wee because | 22. September 2015 um 20:41

Gut, dass ich das mit dem Eifelturm nicht gehört habe...
...habe gerade über Ostern 2016 ein paar Tage Paris gebucht - und werde natürlich den Eiffelturm bei Nacht aufnehmen und posten...
...wie auch schon 2008! ;-)

Karren Haller | 22. September 2015 um 20:48

What wonderful photos, I love visiting via internet!!
Would love to have you visit Oh My Heartsie Girls WW And add your post!

Have a beautiful week!

TheChieftess | 22. September 2015 um 23:55


Georgia Koch | 23. September 2015 um 08:14

Very beautiful indeed ... Paris at night is already such a lovely subject but you did some wonderful editing here too! Bastet

Light Makes Music | 23. September 2015 um 10:44

Das mit dem Eifelturm bei Nacht wusste ich auch nicht. Aber wie man bei Dir hier sehen kann, gibt es genügend andere photogene Ziele in Paris. LG Su

nico | 23. September 2015 um 21:05

Actually, you can't copyright the Eiffel Tower itself, as it was built too long ago (and thus copyright expired). So what they did was copyright the LIGHTS they had installed on the tower. As they were installed more recently, copyright laws still apply. And yes, this is as ridiculous - and yet legit - as it sounds.

Gotham Girl | 25. September 2015 um 21:02

Thanks to Nico above for the additional info. But even if you're using it for your own personal use and just sharing? I can understand it (well kinda...) if you're using it to make money...but just for personal use? Geez...I see photos posted all the time...and can't imagine how they would even begin to monitor such a thing! Who knew??

Your Paris photos always make me want to return to France...

Katrin | 25. September 2015 um 21:09

Dear Robin,
of course you can take pictures, but it wouldn't be allowed to post them. Btw, I hate the lights on the Eiffel tower, taking pictures during the day is way better. But still, it's crazy.

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